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Kirby - Film 9

Sorry for taking so long, but life got in the way and such. A few updates Animal Crossing has been cancelled for now. Metriod 2 is now officially known as Metriod : Mission Ultima. Now it's time to get things started here's Kirby!

Film 9 - Kirby 

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The film starts off King Dedede relaxing with his Waddle Dees, and Doos in the Castle. King Dedede will be cooking up his next scheme to annoy Kirby. As he plans to do so he sees a mysterious purple light go across the sky like a comet. It then crashes into Dreamland. King Dedede sends his most trusted servant to investigate, Meta Knight. Meta Knight accepts silently, and goes on his way to the crash site. 

Upon arrival Meta Knight is met with Mewtwo. As Meta Knight brought out his sword to battle Mewtwo used his telekinesis powers to stop Meta Knight. Mewtwo proceeds to choke Meta Knight until Meta Knight agrees to work with Mewtwo. 

The film cuts to King Dedede who has finally come up with his next scheme. He assembles a meeting with his minions, and shows off his plan. He demonstrates how he King Dedede will steal all the food in Dreamland! Once Kirby comes to Castle Dedede he will activate the trap door that goes onto the slide into the Play Room where Hot Wings will then defeat Kirby. All Dedede's minions clap to the King's idea.

The plan goes without a hitch. Kirby ends up sliding into the Play Room, and Hot Wings activates the sprinklers turning off his fire. As his flame is now off he is now a naked bird sneezing wrapped in a blanket Kirby brought for her. When Kirby reaches King Dedede's Palace he confronts Dedede. The two soon enter into a rather hilarious fight. However the fight is interrupted as Meta Knight flies into the window. He is then followed by Mewtwo teleporting in.

King Dedede greets Mewtwo, and tells Meta Knight thank you and that next time use the door. He instructs Mewtwo and Meta Knight to take down Kirby. They agree, and with a flick of a wrist for Mewtwo Kirby goes flying across the room. Mewtwo then using his psychic powers constructs a cage to hold Kirby. He then looks as Dedede as he congratulates him. Mewtwo accepts the congratulations, and suggests that Kirby be locked away aboard the Halberd. King Dedede agrees, and Meta Knight escorts all of them to Halberd.

Once aboard the Halberd in the jail cells Mewtwo and Meta Knight betray King Dedede as they all fight. Meta Knight end up winning take away King Dedede's Hammer, and locking him and Kirby up in separate cells. Mewtwo thanks Meta Knight as they walk towards the conference room aboard the Halberd.  Here Mewtwo tells Meta Knight his master plan.

Mewtwo tells Meta Knight about his battle with the Super Smash Brothers, and his retreat. He tells him how his associates and himself are seeking the Relics of Power, and that the Star Rod one of the Relics of Power is located here in Dreamland, and he plans to take it. Meta knight tells Mewtwo if he takes the Star Rod it will fill Dreamland with darkness, and destroy the planet it self. Mewtwo however will not here any of it, and tells Meta Knight he should be glad that he plans to spare him for helping him. Mewtwo proceeds to leave the Halberd in search of the Star Rod. 

Meta Knight now alarmed runs into the prison and sets free Kirby and King Dedede and alerts them of Mewtwo's plan. King Dedede states that they must travel to Wispy Woods where he expects the creator to reside lost from civilization.  Meta Knight agrees as he talks through the intercom to the pilot Bandanna Dee to fly towards Wispy Woods. We soon see that Bandanna Dee is not alone as Mewtwo hides in the background smirking. 

As they reach Wispy Woods the Halberd enters a state of emergency as it has been breached in the Control Room. Meta Knight worries it is the Squeak Squad out to steal the Halberd, and as our three heroes reach the control room we see a knocked out Bandanna Dee and all the windows broken. Next to the steering wheel lays a note saying Thanks from Mewtwo. The trio looks to the outside in horror as Kirby and King Dede rush towards the window jumping out floating after Mewtwo. Meta Knight stays behind piloting the Halberd.

As King Dedede and Kirby land they see that Mewtwo has already acquired the location of the Star Rod by defeating the creator, and setting his home on fire. He looks towards the duo annoyed and uses his psychic powers to give live to a tree giving birth to Wispy Woods. As they begin to fight Wispy Woods he tells the duo he'll be heading towards the Fountain of Dreams for the Star Rod. Kirby and Dedede working together are able to defeat Wispy Woods as they get ready to board the Halberd once more.

Kirby and Dedede rush to inform Meta Knight. Meta Knight  assures them that they will reach the Fountain of Dreams prior to Mewtwo. As they near the Fountain of Dreams the trio notices Mewtwo nearing the fountain, and its Star Rod. Mewtwo notices them in the nick of time as the Halberd fires a plasma beam towards Mewtwo. Mewtwo teleports out of the way, and speeds towards the wand. Using the beam from earlier as a distraction the trio escaped on Warping Stars from the Halberd towards Mewtwo to save Dreamland. They all crash right in front of Mewtwo. Now annoyed he uses his psychic to push them away, and grab the Star Rod. 
 Now with the Star Rod in possession Mewtwo turns into Mega Mewtwo Y. As he transforms Dedede gets up, and rushes him with his hammer. Right before Dedede strikes however Mewtwo using Future Sight moves out of the way, and follows with a Psyshock killing Dedede. Kirby and Meta Knight both witness, and as they charge to fight fight Mewtwo flings them away. He tells them they are pathetic, and are not worth his time. He turns to the Halberd and with the use of Psychic causes it to come hurdling towards Meta Knight and Kirby. Mewtwo with Extreme Speed flies off into space abandoning the certain death of Kirby and Meta Knight. 

As the Halberd nears them Kirby with his quick thinking grabs a warp star. He jumps on as he signals for Meta Knight to follow.  Meta Knight hesitant claiming he can fix his ship, and spreads his wings to fly towards it. As he prepares to take off however the Foutain of Dreams spews out Master Core. The ground then follows to shake causing Dreamland to split into many different pieces. As the color quickly goes away, and time begins to stop. Meta Knight now frightened rushes to Kirby and they quickly fly off racing the end of time on Planet Popstar. They barely escape they crash into the Comet Observatory. They are helped up by Rosalina as she welcomes them, and with that the movie ends.

End Credit Scene: Mewtwo in his Mega form, is seen rummaging through a pile of rubble of the Space Pirates Lab until he frees Ridley. Ridley knocks Mewtwo down, and flies off into space. 

Major Characters:
King Dedede(Dead), Meta Knight, Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Hot Wings, Mewtwo, Kirby, The Creator, Master Core, Rosalina

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