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Mario Vs Wario - Film 8

Short 1 - Captain Toad's Adventures 

The short opens up with Captain Toad and Yoshi exploring Lavalava Island. Yoshi decides to stay behind while Captain Toad continues to go in search for the Treasure of Pirate Cortez. Along the way he encounters Toadette. Togheter they go towards in search of the Treasue of Pirate Cortez. Upon arriving on the island Toadette is kidnapped by Wingo. Toad fights off Wingo, and saves Toadette. They both fall through a hole, and find the Treasure of Pirate Cortez, and with that the short ends.

Film 8 - Mario Vs Wario (Year 5 Winter)

The film opens up to Bowser Jr and Ashley. They are currently in Ashley's Lab, and if the central tube is a reforming Bowser. Ashley is discussing that when Bowser returns the Mushroom Kingdom will be missing the Mario Bros. To do so she is planning of joining forces with old friends of her that will help her take care of the Mario Bros. The doors behind her open to reveal Wario, Dr.Crygor, and Waluigi. With that she gets a Koopa Car for each them, and the four of them fly towards the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser Jr is seen alone with a mask and a paintbrush, and he then runs off turning into Shadow Mario. 

The camera blacks out and is now at the Mushroom Kingdom where the Toads are seen picking up the Super Smash Bros Festival. Princess Peach and Toadsworth are seen walking in the garden on there way to Toad Town. Princess Peach and Toadsworth are then ambushed by the Koopa Bros. Toads start to run around in a panic as one goes to fetch Mario & Luigi. 

As Toad arrives to the Mario Bros Home he is met by Wario and Waluigi. Toad gets ready to fight them, but is quickly overpowerd by them, and they send Toad into the Mario Bros Home's Roof. Shocked the Mario Bros come running out to find Wario and Waluigi. Soon a battle of slapstick commences, and Wario and Waluigi are beaten. Ashley and Dr Crygor appear and comment on their poor performance as Mario and Luigi go down a pipe towards Toad Town. 

As Mario and Luigi enter Toad Town they are greeted by Shadow Mario. Shadow Mario pulls out his Paint Brush and shoots Mario and Luigi with paint balls. Mario dodges, but Luigi is brought down by the paint balls. Mario chases Shadow Mario into Pleasant Path. They continue to chase each other as Bowser Jr enters the Koopa Bros Fortress. Then Mario enters as well. The film then cuts to Luigi.

As Luigi wakes up and brushes the paint off him Ashley appears. Luigi doesn't notice her at first, but realizes she is standing in front of him. He gets ready to fight, but she says she's not looking for a fight, but simply here for the great Mario, and not his lowly brother. Dr Crygor, Waluigi, and Wario appear, and join Ashley. They soon begin to torment and mock Luigi.

Ashley gives him the offer to become the famous one, and to finally cast a shadow over Mario. Luigi reluctantly accepts Ashley's offer. Wario and Waluigi pin Luigi down as Ashley begins to chant a spell in Latin. After she casts on Luigi his clothes and personality begin to change as he becomes Mr.L. After he becomes Mr.L Ashly questions him about his brother Mario, and it is revealed that he now thinks he is the enemy, and that Bowser is a hero. Asley has also equipped Luigi with an implanted Fire Flower. With that done Ashley & Co head to the Koopa Bros Fortress which is where Princess Peach and Toadsworth.

As the party reaches Koopa Brothers Fortress they see that Shadow Mario has just entered Koopa Bros Fortress. Mr. L goes after Shadow Mario thinking it is Mario. Ashley in a panic sends Wario and Waluigi after them. Soon Shadow Mario, Mr.L, Waluigi, and Wario are all heading towards the top of the Fortress to face someone. Ashley and Dr.Crygor follow them, but they are going straight towards the dungeon. 

When Shadow Mario, Mr.L, Wario and Waluigi enter the top of Koopa Bros Fortress they are met by Mech Bowser. Mech Bowser begins to attack all of them. Shadow Mario whips out his paintbrush and transforms back into Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr goes to join Mech Bowser in the fight by battling Mr.L. Wario and Waluigi are both fighting Mech Bowser. Mech Bowser's head pops off and it turns out to be the Koopa Bros. Mario easily defeats them. As a back up plan they decide to blow up the bridge they where fighting on. 

Soon Mario, Mr.L, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser Jr, and the Koopa Bros are all falling to their apparent doom. As they fall Ashley and Dr Crygor enter the dungeon to confront Peach and Toadsworth however they weren't expecting all these people to come flying down from the top of dungeon. Now Peach, Toadsworth, Asley, and Dr Crygor are in a panic running around as debris starts to fall sealing the exit. Once everyone is in the dungeon, and there's debris everywhere. Mario and Wario rise from the ones who are fainted, and the rubble. 

Wario begins to get ready to finally take down Mario. A fight then begins. Mario and Wario are crashing through the debris until Wario finds a salvageable part of Mech Bowser in the debris. Equipped with this part Wario has even more strength as he begins to attack Mario once again. Mario uses Wario's new stregth to brake down a dungeon wall and escape. However Wario follows in pursuit. 

Everyone else slowly wakes up in the dungeon. As Peach and Toadsworth make a run for the hole made by Wario, Ashley appears in front of them. Toadsworth decides that to save Peach he would have to have to sacrifice himself to the enemy. Toadsworth knocks Ashley's wand from her hand using his staff. He begins to beat her with the staff as Peach runs off. Ashley annoyed tells Dr Crygor to go after her while she dealed with Toadsworth. Dr Crygor follows in pursuit.

As Bowser Jr wakes up and sees that the Koopa Bros are trying to escape he stops them. He says that they tried to kill him by exploding the bridge, and that they would pay. Mr.L finally awakes, and is assigned by Ashley to teach the Koopa Bros a lesson. Mr.L's hand ignite with green fire as he approaches the Koopa Bros. Screaming is heard as the movie focuses on Mario and Wario. 

Mario and Wario now in Toad Town. They continue to fight as a pair of Toads sip tea calmly watching them fight giving comedic commentary.  Wario grabs a nearby bench as he throws it at Mario. Mario proceeds to hide in a fortune teller shop where he counters an ancient text of The Relics of Power. Wario bursts in disturbing the Fortune Teller. The fortune teller commences to use magic spells to teach Wario a lesson he avoids all of them. Mario comes out of hiding using the The Relics of Power ancient text to knock Wario out. The fortune teller thanks him as he drags Wario out. 

Peach is seen in the Castle Kitchen as Dr Crygor looks for her. She grabs a frying pan, and hits him with it. He stumbles and falls. Once he gets back up Peach throws a giant turnip at him throwing him back. She then runs outside to the Sports Complex. Dr.Crygor follows, and once he gets outside is smacked with a tennis racket by Peach. He takes this opportunity to catch her. She then uses a golf club that was in her other hand to knock him out once more. Running from him she trips down the stairs, and is caught by him. Now with no weapon she gives up. She is then seen locked up in the castle dungeon. 

Ashley and Waluigi comes back to Toad Town to find Wario outcold. Ashley who has had enough casts a spell on Mario sending him to the castle dungeon. Wario wakes up, and once he sees that all is gone he thanks Ashley. Now Ashley, Wario, and Waluigi head towards Peach's Castle. Dr.Crygor meets up with them. Ashley then says as part of the promised deal for helping her Wario and Waluigi can now rule the Mushroom Kingdom. As they both celebrate she leaves with Dr Crygor in Koopa Cars, and end up back at Bowser's Fortress. Here she greets Mr.L and Bowser Jr. With that the movie finally ends. Wario and Waluigi now rule the Mushroom Kingdom, Ashley & Co await the reawakening of their king, and Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth are all being held prisoner. 

End Credit Scene: Ganondorf is seen in Toadtown inside the Fortune Teller's home. The Fortune Teller is knocked out as Ganondorf leaves with the ancient text The Relics of Power. 

Major Characters: 
Captain Toad, Yoshi, Wingo, Toadette, Bowser (Dead), Bowser Jr, Ashley, Wario, Dr Crygor, Waluigi, Shadow Mario, Toadsworth, Princess Peach, Koopa Bros, Mario, Luigi, Mr.L, Fortune Teller, Ganondorf

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