Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Metriod and Donkey Kong - Films 3 & 4

Metriod (Year 2 Winter Release) 

Samus must stop Space Pirates who have stolen from a world full of monsters. They are trying to clone an ancient monsters to create a beast to take over the galaxy. Samus stops them from making the beast as she gets a new bounty on Tabuu from Super Smash Bros Brawl. 
Post Credit Scene: Space Pirates Facility explodes as an armored Mewtwo flies with extreme speed away to a star shaped planet. 
Major Characters:
Samus Aran, Tabuu, Mewtwo

 Donkey Kong Country (Year 3 Fall Release) 

King K.Rool has kidnapped DK’s girlfriend Candy Kong. DK goes after her and along the way meet Diddy Kong. They defeat King K.Rool dethroning him as Donkey Kong becomes ruler of Kong Isle. 

Post Credit Scene: Space Trash notably from the Space Pirates labs crashes on Kong Isle almost squishing Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. They investigate it and quickly run away as something pink and cute crawls out badly damaged.  
Major Characters:
 DK, Candy Kong, King K.Rool, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Mew

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Super Mario Bros - Film 2

Super Mario Bros (Year 2 Summer Release)

This film starts off at the banquet that Princess Peach is hosting in her castle. Guests of interest include King Dedede, Zelda, Princess Daisy, King K. Rool, Emmeryn (Fire Emblem: Awakening), Honey Queen (Super Mario Galaxy), and Rosalina. While outside Ashley (Wario Ware) is working for Bowser she has instructions to destroy Peach’s Castle and capture the Princess herself. Ashley uses her magic to get in and captures Peach, and complete chaos ensues as all the royals escape. Mario and Luigi is called upon to go to Bowser’s Domain and save Peach along the way they meet Captain Toad and a green Yoshi. Now all 4 of them bravely set off to save Peach from Bowser & Co. Upon arrival Toad, Yoshi, and Luigi are captured and put in the prison while Mario faces Bowser. Through an exciting battle Mario beats Bowser, and pulls the switch holding the bridge letting Bowser fall into lava. Upon this news Ashley retreats back to her home. Mario is reunited with Luigi, Peach, Captain Toad, and Yoshi.  

Post Credit Scene: Bowser Jr is mourning the death of his father, and bursting out of the lava is Dry Bowser. Bowser Jr screams you’re not my dad! And jumps into his Koopa Car and flies away. 

Major Characters :
 Princess Peach, Zelda, King Dedede ,Princess Daisy, King K Rool, Emmeryn, Honey Queen, Rosalina, Ashley , Mario , Luigi , Captain Toad, Yoshi, Bowser(Dead), Bowser Jr, Dry Bowser(Dead)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Legend of Zelda - Film 1

  The Legend of Zelda (Year 1 Winter Release)

Ganondorf captures Zelda to bring Link to him so he can combine all three of the tri-forces in order for him to take over Hyrule. Link arrives as Zelda escapes in the form of Sheik. Link is defeated and held in Ganondorf’s Dungeon waiting to be freed. Flash forward 5 years later, and Link has become a myth as Ganondorf became King of Hyrule and Zelda is supposedly dead, but is still Sheik. Impa, Sheik, and Navi come to rescue Link and they do, and then march to Hyrule. Link & Impa find out Zelda is Sheik. Zelda takes her rightful place back as Ganondorf was defeated and banished to the far reaches of the Hyrule Kingdom.  

End Credit Scene: Zelda gets a letter from the Mushroom Kingdom stating a banquet will be held to start trade once again between the kingdoms of Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule. It also says other trade partners will be there as well. 

Major Characters:
 Link ,Zelda/Sheik, Impa, Ganondorf,  Navi, Princess Peach

Launch & Explantation

Why Super Smash Bros. Wii U Deserves to Dethrone Melee
This is the first of hopefully many posts that I create concerning my idea of a Nintendo Cinematic Universe. Each year will have 1 - 2 films released. Each phase similar to that of Marvel's will end in a big cross over. This cross over will of course be Super Smash Brothers. Each of the films will be made using CGI Motion Capture Animation. (Ex. The Adventures of Tintin)
This is an outline of Phase 1 -
- The Legend of Zelda (Year 1 Winter)
- The Mario Brothers (Year 2 Summer)
- Metroid (Year 2 Winter)
- Donkey Kong Country (Year 3  Spring) 
- Star Fox (Year 3 Fall)
 The Legend of Zelda : Fall of Hyrule (Year 4 Spring)
- Super Smash Brothers (Year 5 Summer) 
I plan to post a summary of each movie once or twice a week. Expect The Legend of Zelda concept soon. Thanks for Reading!