Sunday, April 12, 2015

Launch & Explantation

Why Super Smash Bros. Wii U Deserves to Dethrone Melee
This is the first of hopefully many posts that I create concerning my idea of a Nintendo Cinematic Universe. Each year will have 1 - 2 films released. Each phase similar to that of Marvel's will end in a big cross over. This cross over will of course be Super Smash Brothers. Each of the films will be made using CGI Motion Capture Animation. (Ex. The Adventures of Tintin)
This is an outline of Phase 1 -
- The Legend of Zelda (Year 1 Winter)
- The Mario Brothers (Year 2 Summer)
- Metroid (Year 2 Winter)
- Donkey Kong Country (Year 3  Spring) 
- Star Fox (Year 3 Fall)
 The Legend of Zelda : Fall of Hyrule (Year 4 Spring)
- Super Smash Brothers (Year 5 Summer) 
I plan to post a summary of each movie once or twice a week. Expect The Legend of Zelda concept soon. Thanks for Reading!

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