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The Legend of Zelda : The Fall of Hyrule - Film 6

Film 6 – The Legend of Zelda : Fall of Hyrule(Year 4 Winter) 

At the beginning of the film Twinrova, Ghirahim and Ganonodorf are seen discussing about Hyrule, and Ganondorf's new boss Tabuu. Twinrova and Ghirahim suggest that Ganondorf entrust his forces with them so he can go with Tabuu and take over the universe, and collect the mysterious Relics of Power. Ganondorf using his magic opens a portal to Tabuu's Dimension, and leaves. Ghirahim soon states he will take over Hyrule, and Twinrova can of coarse fight off the Hyrule Pests.

With Ganondorf's army charging towards the kingdom with Ghirahim in charge Link, Zelda, Impa, and Navi must protect the kingdom. On their way out they say if worse comes to worse they use the Ocarina of Time to escape. Zelda then orders the Army of Hyrule to come at once. As the Hyrule Warriors go outside to face Ghirahim Twinrova appears.

Impa and Navi take action first. Navi tries to get Twinrova distracted, but is instead killed by one Twinrova's flying fire balls.  While that happened Zelda transformed into Sheik. Soon Sheik, Link, and Impa are all fighting off Twinrova. This leads to an epic battle of Twinrova's fire and ice vs. the remaining Hyrule Warriors. However they are put into pressure as Ghirahim's army approaches with arrows being fired. The Hyrule Army appears and engages battle with Ganondorf's Army. Impa eventually tells Sheik and Link to go and use the Ocarina of Time. As Sheik turns back into Zelda to use the Ocarina, Impa is overpowered by Twinrova and captured.

Once Zelda and Link use the Ocarina of Time they find themselves as kids in the past. They then encounter Vaati. In this time he coldly ruled over Hyrule. However he has knowledge of the Tri-Force. He then fights Link and Zelda, and Zelda is kidnapped by him with Link being knocked out.

Once Link is awaken he is met by a Travelling Mask Salesman. The Salesman offers to sell him the Majora Mask. However Link declines the offer as he goes in search in Zelda hastily. In his haste however he left the Ocarina of Time with the Salesman.

Link along the way finds a wild horse and tames it through a montage! He names the horse Epona. Link proceeds to use Epona to race to Vaati's Palace. Vaati mean while has been watching Link using his magic, and decides to test Link with a new challenge. As Link approaches Vaati's Palace he is ambushed by Morpha. Morpha can easily change shapes, and is made of leaves from the surrounding trees. A battle ensues with Link attempting to defeat Morpha, but finds it near impossible except for one thing. He brings out a lit lantern and throws it at Morpha. Morpha is thenengulfed in flames, and with that Link charges into Vaati's Palace.

Vaati hysterically freaks out, and decides to wait for Link to activate his Plan B. Link barges into Vaati's room as he casts a spell on Link. Soon Link's shadow moves and the lights dim. His shadow forms a body and an eerie pair of red eyes, and teeth flash onto the screen sending chills down one back. Shadow Link trips Link, and steals his sword while Vaati escapes with Zelda. Zelda bites Vaati's finger and screams for Link to come save her.

Link grabs a candelabra and battles Shadow Link. Link jabs into Shadow Link, and the light of the candles burn a hole straight through Shadow Link. Shadow Link flinches, and Link takes the opportunity to burn Shadow Link's head off. Shadow Link ends up dissolving dropping the sword, and comes back to Link.

Link goes after Vaati, and see he hasn't gotten far because Zelda has escaped Vaati and is fighting him. Link joins the fight with Zelda and successfully scare off Vaati. The palace starts to rumble and crumble. Link and Zelda hurry out of the temple, and jump onto Epona. Zelda thanks Link and kisses him on the cheek. They then realize the Ocarina of Time is missing. They go after it, but are once again attacked by Vaati. This time however they are sealed in a temple and both enter a deep slumber.

The screen cuts back to present day Hyrule where Impa has escaped the dungeon. Impa writes letters to various heroes she has heard of for help. She reads out loud who she is writing too. When she reads it a loud the picture of the actual character come sup onto the screen. She writes to Mario & Luigi, Samus Aran, Donkey Kong, and Fox she tells about the arising dangerous problem and proposes to form the Super Smash Brothers. With that the movie ends.
Mid-Credit Scene: Ganondorf and Tabuu meet with Mewtwo. Mewtwo shows a copy of his letter, and tells them about the Super Smash Brothers. They form a plan to defeat them.
Post Credit Scene: The Mask Salesmen drops his bag and all his masks come falling out he picks them all up. He quickly looks around and runs leaving behind Majora’s Mask and the Ocarina of Time. 

Major Characters:

Link , Zelda, Impa, Navi(Dead), Ghirahim, Twinrova, Ganondorf, Vaati, Mask Sales Man, Epona, Morpha(Dead), Shadow Link(Dead in a sense), Mewtwo, Majora

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