Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Metriod and Donkey Kong - Films 3 & 4

Metriod (Year 2 Winter Release) 

Samus must stop Space Pirates who have stolen from a world full of monsters. They are trying to clone an ancient monsters to create a beast to take over the galaxy. Samus stops them from making the beast as she gets a new bounty on Tabuu from Super Smash Bros Brawl. 
Post Credit Scene: Space Pirates Facility explodes as an armored Mewtwo flies with extreme speed away to a star shaped planet. 
Major Characters:
Samus Aran, Tabuu, Mewtwo

 Donkey Kong Country (Year 3 Fall Release) 

King K.Rool has kidnapped DK’s girlfriend Candy Kong. DK goes after her and along the way meet Diddy Kong. They defeat King K.Rool dethroning him as Donkey Kong becomes ruler of Kong Isle. 

Post Credit Scene: Space Trash notably from the Space Pirates labs crashes on Kong Isle almost squishing Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. They investigate it and quickly run away as something pink and cute crawls out badly damaged.  
Major Characters:
 DK, Candy Kong, King K.Rool, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Mew

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